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Field Services Mobility

Connected Field Services

Using mobile technology to connect field service technicians directly with customers, ensuring speedier resolutions and continued customer loyalty.

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Creating Customer Connections with Your Mobile Tech

The clock is ticking – loyal customers have an expectation of quick resolution and rapid response. With the right mobile technology, technicians interacting directly with customers have what they need at their fingertips to solve problems faster. That’s true digital transformation. Proper field device management means specialized support for multiple hardware solutions, putting the right technology in the hands of the right people, no matter their role. Get a managed mobility partner with the expertise and flexibility to scale to your mobile field service to any need.

Field Service Mobility Enabled

Stratix can give you the “How” on creating effective and efficient, SmartMobile field service support programs. We can help rapidly deploy replacement devices and stage multiple carefully-monitored spare pools to get the critical devices to your employees, so you can ensure on-time service for your customers. Our Design Engineering team crafts custom enclosures, holsters and more to make your devices usable in challenging environments and to keep your team more connected. Stratix takes the time to learn your business, so we can quickly provide you with dedicated support, and keep devices working out in the field with industry leading remote support. Get Nonstop Mobility to keep your field personnel connected.

Field Services Mobility Key Features

Cross-Platform Versatility

All major mobile platforms are supported, enabling your business to pivot as needed.

Lifecycle Services

We provide comprehensive Day-2 support to solve issues quickly and ship replacement devices when needed, same day.

Always on Support

We are there for your employees when you need us, 24x7x365, with best-in-class 70+ NPS rating for 2018 (Industry Standard is 33).

Spare Pool Management

Customizable replacement devices are rapidly deployed for every role and for every location.

Design Engineering

Accessory and enclosure solutions help your field personnel carry, protect and use their devices in even the most challenging industrial environments.

Visibility Dashboard

itrac360 asset management platform provides end-to-end visibility, full lifecycle management and usage history for all your projects and devices.

Partners We Work With

Connect your field teams to your customers.

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