Field Service Mobile Innovation
Insight at the point of activity

Insight at the Point of Activity

‘Always on’ mobility connects the field workforce and enhances customer experiences

 Managed mobile services from Stratix empower field employees with real-time product and customer information to drive productivity,
customer engagement and conversions.

Empowering the field force with enterprise mobility

Stratix mobile solutions give field service organizations real-time visibility along the entire service supply chain – to reduce the number of customer visits per work order and enhance the customer experience – all while lowering the cost of service delivery.

Enterprise mobility is connecting the enterprise

 Mobile services enable real-time, business critical information to the field when and where it’s needed most

Real Time Information

Over 72% of businesses rely on mobile technology for real-time business critical data in the field. Stratix mobility services empower the field force staff with accurate data at the point of activity to give higher quality service, and make better revenue enhancing business decisions.

Predictive Maintenance

Over 67% of companies now rely on mobility services to manage mobile devices and sensors that automatically trigger a service call when something needs repair or maintenance, and predict quality issues and asset failures before they occur.

Enhanced Customer Experience 

Almost 53% of organizations are using mobility to improve the customer experience. Stratix mobile solutions deliver the speed, efficiency and accuracy customers demand – leading to better customer engagement, reliable and accurate product information, and new revenue streams.

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