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Think Outside the Box to Modernize Your Warehouse Operations


Warehouses are under extreme pressure due to high customer expectations and supply chain shortages. It is critical for operations to run as efficiently as possible, which requires a modern mobile solution. In this video, learn how to automate your warehouse and streamline workflows with and end-to-end mobile technology program from Stratix and Zebra.

High expectations for speedy delivery have put warehouses under extreme pressure.

Operations must be super-efficient to keep up with demand. Outdated technology and manual processes just won’t do. Getting behind means missed deliverables disappointing customers and shrinking profits.

Stratix and Zebra have joined forces to provide an end-to-end mobile solution to modernize your warehouse. Together we can create a mobile technology blueprint to improve your warehouse asset management…streamline your workflows…reduce shrinkage and loss and replace paperwork.

You can automate inventory management with Zebra rugged scanners. Picking can be done with voice directed mobile solutions that automatically cue orders and items to pick and ensure the right items are in staging and packing before they’re sent out by utilizing zebra wearable computers, barcode scanning and RFID technology.

That means you know exactly where things are, where they need to go and the most efficient ways to get them there. And with Stratix we take care of the entire life cycle of your devices including hardware software management and support services for a single fixed monthly fee. Your speed efficiency and productivity will go up along with your bottom line with end-to-end management of zebra mobile warehouse solutions from Stratix.

Convenient, simple and cost-effective warehouse management solutions with Stratix and Zebra.