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Top 5 Benefits of Device as a Service


The digital workspace has dramatically increased employee productivity and connectivity as users choose to do more with their devices. It’s great for business—unless you’re the one in charge of managing all those devices. Keeping ahead of the digital transformation curve is even more chaotic with the financial burdens of escalating hardware costs and costly unexpected charges, as well as the pandemonium of managing a variety of vendors and coordinating licenses. If your current mobility program can’t keep up, then it’s time to take a look at Device as a Service (DaaS). DaaS benefits your business by helping you better manage your budget and accelerating your potential for profitable business outcomes.

What is DaaS?

Technology loves acronyms. And when it comes to DaaS, tech speak can become even more confusing. This acronym embodies many meanings, and not all are going to be helpful in alleviating your enterprise mobility headaches. DaaS can stand for Desktop as a Service or Data as a Service or, as in the case of this blog, Device as a Service. Going forward, we’ll be clear in spelling out Device as a Service (DaaS). So next question, what is Device as a Service?

To put it simply, Device as a Service is simplified full lifecycle management services that enable you to give your employees what they need to effectively do their jobs while at the same time removing mobility management chaos, reducing spend, and consolidating vendor management. For most organizations, the benefits of the Device as a Service (DaaS) model enable them to empower their digital transformation while, at the same time, enhancing the end-user experience.

Top Device as a Service (DaaS) Benefits to Consider

1. Removes the Chaos
Combining Device as a Service (DaaS) with managed mobility services enables you to be more strategic in planning your digital transformation by giving you a simple and predictable single source for device procurement, deployment, management, and support. By pulling everything together in one place, you can streamline processes and remove the chaos once and for all.

2. Reduces Hardware Spend
Achieve greater financial stability and visibility into your mobility costs by moving from capital expenditures to operating with predictable monthly payments that are spread out over the lifetime of the contract. Device as a Service (DaaS) paired with management services eliminates additional subsidies from the manufacturer, affording you a 15% to 20% reduction in leasing costs. It also lowers your total cost of ownership by replacing the devices during the sweet spot in the lifecycle where the residual value is high, but before unexpected costs begin to occur, such as break/fix situations or the need for replacement batteries.

3. Consolidates Vendor Management
The traditional setting that most are familiar with when it comes to mobility management was procuring the hardware from a carrier, getting device support from a managed mobility services provider, and acquiring licensing from yet another vendor. This worked before devices took over the workplace, digitally transforming it from a literal place into a virtual space. Device as a Service (DaaS)makes it easy to manage everything in one robust enterprise mobility solution. You can also get rid of the cumbersome processes of managing device warranties with Device as a Service. How’s that for consolidation?

4. Provides Full Lifecycle Management
Never worry about being out of date with your devices or out of step with updates when you have Device as a Service (DaaS) full lifecycle management. As part of your managed mobility services plan, recouping your old devices and deploying new ones is done automatically on a planned hardware refresh cycle, so you can be sure you’re getting the latest hardware and software into your employee’s hands.

5. Enhances the User Experience
Keeping your end users happy with the right tools means they’re more productive at driving profits for your business. Having a Device as a Service (DaaS) model in place makes it easy to allow them to use the devices they’re most comfortable with, knowing they’re configured to your specifications.

Stratix DaaS + MMS

Stratix combines all of these Device as a Service benefits with our industry-leading managed mobility services, taking enterprise mobility solutions to the next level. From managing multiple supplier contracts and complicated agreements to helping you guard against security threats while meeting extremely high user expectations, we help you keep up with your rapidly changing technology needs. We not only leverage our strategic partnerships to ensure you get the best pricing but provide you with 24/7 agnostic support, so you can manage your budget and support requirements at the same time.

Stratix Mobile Device as a Service programs can support any type, variety, and combination of mobile phones, tablets, and laptop devices. This flexibility enables you to meet employee choice while easily managing your budget and support requirements.