Solid Support Minimizes Downtime - Stratix

Solid Support Minimizes Downtime


Alex Kalish, Chief Strategy and Solutions Officer at Stratix, explains why it’s important to have support services in place for your enterprise mobile devices.

Video Script

Mobile is so essential in the workplace and mobility is being used really daily for frontline workers to execute on their day to day responsibilities and things happen and devices are going to break and workers are going have questions about their devices , they’re going to get locked out, they’re going to have issues.

And it’s really at that point in time, how effective your support strategy is, and can it mitigate that downtime as much as possible so workers can continue to do their jobs and make sure that customer experience isn’t impacted at all.

That’s really what a mobile strategy is designed to do. It means a help desk. That’s always on 24x7x365 with agents that are trained against your specific company’s business requirements and use cases. It also means you’ve got a very well-trained MDM and support administration team that can be proactive and is constantly monitoring your environment and making sure they’re surfacing reports and trends before issues actually arise and happen.