Be Thoughtful When Picking an EMM Solution - Stratix

Be Thoughtful When Picking an EMM Solution


Alex Kalish, Chief Strategy and Solutions Officer at Stratix, explains what an organization should consider when picking an MDM or EMM platform.

Video Script

I Think there’s lots of considerations when picking an MDM or EMM platform.

You really need to consider all the needs of the business upfront, at that time, because a certain MDM platform may have different benefits and there’s pros and cons to selecting each. And without having the right expertise and knowledge of all those different platforms, you may pick a solution that doesn’t give you the intended outcome that you’re actually looking for.

And really thinking ahead is an important part of selecting an MDM platform. It’s not about what your business needs right now. It’s being able to assess what your business is going to need a year from now, two years from now or three years from now. So, you really have to be thoughtful and understand where your business is headed, the needs of your different employees and the different functions in your business that are all going to be benefiting from an MDM or an EMM platform. And that’ll really allow you to put a solution in place that can grow with your business. An MDM deployment is not an easy thing to do and you really don’t want to have to do it twice. You want to be thoughtful about where the business is going, so you can really do the work and do it right. And do it the first tim