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SmartMobile Managed Mobility Services


Your business is like no other. Stratix provides managed mobility services unique to your business process and goals. From site surveys to engineered innovative accessories and custom enclosures, we help address your unique needs.


To compete in today’s business landscape, you have to deliver nonstop mobility – or risk failure.

That’s why Stratix designs SmartMobile programs that support the unique needs and environments of enterprise clients… 24/7…365.

Our services are designed around the concept of Nonstop Mobility. From planning through deployment – to best-in-class Day 2 Support.

We help you evaluate different technologies and allow you to choose the right tool for each end user – along with the right managed services and support levels for your business – giving you more control over mobility across your organization and better insights down to the device level.

Our mobility experts are with you every step of the journey, 24/7…365 – drawing on over 35 years of experience to ensure your SmartMobile program delivers exactly what you need to run, improve and grow.

No one else delivers Nonstop Mobility as effectively and at scale. That’s the Stratix difference.

Stratix. Nonstop Mobility.