Designed from the ground up to be an extensible asset management platform that presents a single view of your devices across your entire mobile ecosystem. 

A real-time web platform that provides visibility into every mobile device in your enterprise. itrac360 delivers valuable information throughout all phases of a mobile asset’s lifecycle – from procurement to provisioning, activation, repair, support and retirement.

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A mobile workforce is a powerful tool, but only if you can keep mobile always on, and always available. To make mobile work for you, you need real time visibility. The itrac360 web dashboard gives you a 360-degree view of every mobile device in your enterprise from big picture to small detail. Here you can track and monitor your devices through their entire life cycle. Itrac360 delivers and stores valuable information about each mobile device from the point of acquisition to provisioning, deployment, support, repair, and spare pool management.

When a device needs service, let itrac360 manage and monitor the RMA status from issuing a replacement device to tracking current repair activities, itrac360 asset visibility is just a click away. You can even track your end user help desk calls real time, incident volume, reported problems, end user information and resolution outcome, everything is visible to help you identify trends and provide proactive communication to prevent future problems. For even more visibility, customers can design unique KPIs so that when thresholds are crossed itrac360 will send proactive alerts ensuring your mobile operations continues to run smoothly 24×7.

When you are putting together your mobile programs, real time information is a necessity and the life line to your mobile workforce. With itrac360 you can monitor and manage your mobile environment to maximize your return on investment. Call Stratix today so we can help you turn mobile on and keep it on.