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Consider the Entire Lifecycle of Your Enterprise Mobility Solution


Ross Homans, Vice President Operational Programs at Stratix explains how partnering with a managed mobility service provider gives you the resources, scale, and knowledge to ensure every stage in the life of your enterprise mobility program—from procurement to retirement—is efficient, effective, and economical.

Video Script

I’m Ross Homans, I’m the vice president of operational programs with Stratix.

So when most of our customers are about to embark on a mobile solution, um, we understand that there’s going to be a significant expenditure, both in hardware, application, development, licensing, et cetera. And ideally there there’s a ROI associated with that for the business case. Um, what we, what we’ve seen with other breaks and they don’t know where to go, or organizations is that they’ll, they’ll put up a big tent and manage the deployment of that equipment out to the field. And then they’ll take down the tent and move on to the next town, um, where we see that being an issue is on, on day two, if an end user has an issue, or if their device there’s not a solid plan in place, um, that there’s risk of adoption of the, of the solution, which would then ultimately impact ROI. Um, in addition, there are other items that, that we focus on every day that maybe our, our customers don’t, and that has to do with product life cycles, for example, and that we’ve seen customers begin a rollout, or even have a rollout stall because the device they’ve selected goes end of life.

And so those are all features that, that we’re able to bring to the table from a planning perspective and run it all the way through the device life cycle, from cradle to grave.

There are some cost aspects that most customers kind of see as a gotcha that we can bring to the table up front. Those those have to do with shipping costs, for example, that we’re able to, uh, to, to bring to the table as part of the total cost of ownership. For example, in addition, uh, things like spare pool allocation for break-fix.

So what we find with most of the mobile solutions that we help deploy, that becomes the essential piece of technology for that end user or that particular location, they need that to do their jobs. It needs to be always on all the time and oftentimes most, all the time, really.