Ross Homans, Vice President Operational Programs at Stratix explains how you can take the burden off internal IT teams and reduce downtime when you partner with a managed mobility services provider like Stratix.

Video Script

So what we find with most of the mobile solutions that we help deploy, that becomes the essential piece of technology for that end user or that particular location, they need that to do their jobs. It needs to be always on all the time and oftentimes most all the time really. There’s not a pencil and paper type of backup. So having these processes in place to quickly provide a replacement device to that end user, fully provisioned, ready to go, is going to maximize productivity for that end user in the field. So not only do you have issues with downtime in the field, but you could have unnecessary inventory all across the country, sitting in a closet waiting to be used, which is the converse, which is the overspend of hardware to facilitate that downtime companies come to Stratix because we can help bridge that gap between the right amount of spare pool inventory, as well as an efficient way to make sure that end user has a device as quickly as possible.

As it pertains to replacements, when a device is dropped or broken, you know, having the right amount of spare pool inventory that we can provision and deploy and get out same day to that end end user, or that end location is critical so that we can maximize uptime. We can help with unnecessary shipping costs or unnecessary inventory. That’s sitting around not being used.