Apple® and Stratix offer a combination of services and industry-leading solutions for managing backroom inventory and ensuring sales floor shelves are merchandised accurately and efficiently for maximum sales.

To do this, Stratix leverages the strengths of Apple’s partnerships and their devices to provide Mobile Device as a Service (DaaS)

  • Plan, procure, configure, and deploy Apple iPhone and iPad units, with custom accessories, at scale with high end-user adoption and satisfaction.
  • Manage, repair, and support the devices seamlessly, providing valuable usage analytics. 
  • Integrate sales enablement platforms to offer sales associates intuitive merchandise execution apps—like Bigtincan—on their mobile devices to ensure in-store experience quality. 
  • Deploy and support Scandit, an application that extends the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm to everyday objects and enables easy store inventory counts, requests, and management. 
  • Work with Apple Financial Services (AFS) to incorporate these various partners’ billing requests into one easy monthly payment. 

With the know-how, support, and combined expertise of Stratix and Apple, brick-and-mortar retailers can be assured their merchandising solution will support their growth, revenue, and return expectations. 

Retail Mobile Technology 

In today’s retail landscape, effective brick-and-mortar mobile device solutions are crucial to both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Given the disruptive reach of companies like Amazon, these solutions are key to your store associates creating both a better and more differentiated user experience for your customers via proper product placement, inventory lookups, and efficient marketing installation. 

  • Properly deploying and managing the mobile devices to enable these functions, however, poses a specific set of challenges 
  • Buying, provisioning, and supporting single-use-case hardware can be expensive
  • Providing timely, specialized, and responsive support to retail associates is difficult 
  • Understanding which solutions are ideal for your business requires dedicated strategic expertise 
  • Customer interactions with mobile devices and apps can provide invaluable data, but that requires the ability to analyze data in real-time and provide predictive insights to take advantage of it