Creating a Flexible Mobile Inventory Solution for a National Wholesale Distributor of Landscape Supplies

Creating a Flexible Mobile Inventory Solution for a National Wholesale Distributor of Landscape Supplies

Solution Brief

A leading distributor of landscape supplies with a customer base primarily comprised of residential and commercial landscape professionals needed a solution to create a single multi-purpose device that would let associates enable agile control to move product efficiently between store locations to meet demand along with other common inventory management functions. 

The Stratix solution was multi-tiered: 

  • Procure ruggedized mobile device for deployment for both backroom product handlers. 
  • Configure devices with MDM software and industrial-caliber barcode readers. 
  • Consulting to design a mobile blueprint for deployment and day 2 support. 
  • Redesigned Wi-Fi network for improved connectivity and customized mobile application to work off-line. 
  • Leveraged cutting edge Android Management for large scale deployment. 
  • Provide 24/7/365 support for all hardware and software. 

This distributor now possesses the flexibility to and efficiently transfer product between stores so residential and commercial professionals can get the product they need to finish jobs in a timely fashion. These devices are also used for front-of-the-house store associates, giving this distributor incredible value and ROI on their investment in managed mobility. That’s how a smarter mobile strategy can pay dividends in your warehouse operations. 

Warehouse Supply Chain Technology 

While mobile hardware has been an integral part of the warehouse/back-of-the-house part of brick-and-mortar retail for some time, retailers traditionally relied upon a number of cumbersome specialized devices to fully enable effective cycle counts and other inventory management procedures. In today’s landscape, modern devices must be able to efficiently perform a range of inventory tasks in a single device for the sake of efficiency, employee performance and ROI on mobile spending. 

Properly deploying and managing these devices, however, poses a specific set of challenges. 

  • Buying, provisioning and supporting updated hardware can be expensive. 
  • Understanding which solutions are ideal for your business requires dedicated strategic expertise and partnerships with leading vendors for optimal integration with your own business processes. 
  • Owning the complete management of the life cycle of mobile device inventory requires expertise in procurement, software management, specialized support and other resources that can be difficult to develop in-house.