Transforming the Shopping Experience for a National Apparel Retailer

Transforming the Shopping Experience for a National Apparel Retailer

Case Study

A leading national apparel retailer sought to reduce lines and revitalize the customer experience at their brick-and-mortar locations via new mobility solutions. They had to provide their associates with a flexible mPOS solution that was intuitive and simple for everyday usage, and fast and reliable enough for customers. 

Stratix offered a solution that drew upon their considerable expertise in managed mobility. Store associates were equipped with iPods® housed in VeriFone payment sleds to allow them to process payments in an agile fashion wherever their customers were across the store. This led to line reduction and efficient sales conversion. From configuration to “Day Two” support of operational issues, Stratix supported and managed these devices and their usage throughout their life cycle. 

Stratix’s 360-degree life cycle management capabilities gave this retailer a true managed mobility partner to offer ROI on their mobile investment in terms of both increased sales, reduced support costs and overall operational efficiency. 

Retail Mobile Technology 

Retailers who deploy mobile capabilities at their physical locations are predicted to have 146 percent sales growth in this year. This shifting of the brick-and-mortar retail world means effective mobile sales tools are no longer optional, but now requisite. These devices are key to offering a flexible Point of Sale (POS) solution that can function as both a traditional cash register solution for line sales and a mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) that can cut down troublesome lines and save the sale throughout the store. 

Properly deploying and managing these devices, however, poses a specific set of challenges. 

  • Buying, provisioning and supporting updated hardware can be expensive. 
  • Providing timely, specialized and responsive support to retail associates is difficult. 
  • mPOS is becoming increasingly hardware-agnostic, requiring an ever-evolving implementation strategy. 
  • Understanding which solutions are ideal for your business requires dedicated strategic expertise. 
  • Customer interactions with mobile devices and apps can provide invaluable data, but that requires the ability to analyze data in real-time and provide predictive insights to take advantage of it.