Solution Overview

When your business relies on in-person transactions at your brick-and-mortar locations, the customer experience must be mobile, efficient and seamless. This is especially true when interaction between your associates and your customers involves obtaining a signature and other important documentation. Handheld tablets powered by the Android operating system offer a versatile platform for custom apps, electronic documentation, payment processing and more.

Transitioning from older mobile operating systems and paper-based solutions to deploying Android tablets and associated services for associates in thousands of locations, however, requires the help of a true mobility expert. It’s all about finding a managed mobile services provider who understands your needs and can design SmartMobile blueprints that maximize your mobile technology investment.

As North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist, Stratix focuses exclusively on mobility services.  With over 2 million devices under management, our services are backed by specialized teams to architect, deploy, manage and support your mobile program, guaranteeing nonstop mobility and a consistent brand experience for your customers and employees.

Customer Challenges

The complexity of mobile transformation for organizations with many dispersed locations calls for SmartMobile programs that can address challenges such as:

  • Android expertise: Businesses often struggle to recruit and retain professionals with the skills, certifications and experience to manage the full range of Android devices — including everything involved in getting new and replacement devices into the hands of thousands of employees.
  • Responsive support: Supporting a large number of devices, apps and users in the field can be a lot for the typical IT support team to handle. In order to keep employees up and running, they need access to specialized, comprehensive, Day-2 support that may require an outsourced solution.
  • Converged solution: Field personnel interacting with customers across brick-and-mortar locations need to process payments, print receipts and handle electronic paperwork and other important functions from a single converged mobile device to make transactions truly frictionless.
  • Rapid obsolescence: Mobile technology is evolving at a dizzying pace. Future-proofing is a must, as businesses want a consistent line of sight into the product lifecycle and the ability to upgrade devices in a timely manner.
  • Outdated legacy systems: Many retailers are looking to transition from outdated legacy systems or manual/paper-based environments to a digital solution for paperwork administration and printing, payment handling and more. Only an experienced mobility expert can handle the moving pieces, vendors and service providers involved from pilot to rollout.

Managed Mobile Services for Android

Stratix is an Android for Enterprise Recommended Managed Service Provider offering a full lifecycle suite of SmartMobile managed services. Whether you need rugged or consumer Android devices, guidance on new deployments or help migrating to the Android platform, we can give your business a roadmap to the strongest Android Enterprise network possible.

  • Stratix specializes in planning, deployment and complete mobile lifecycle services for any device running on the Android Enterprise platform.
  • Count on us for best-in-class, on-shore, 24x7x365 mobile support from Android Enterprise experts who are trained and validated by Google.
  • As a technology-agnostic service provider, we can procure solutions from a wide variety of OEMs and leverage multiple partnerships to guarantee your SmartMobile program is deployed, integrated and supported with the right technology for every aspect of your enterprise mobility, thereby giving your organization the convenience of a single point of contact.
  • Mobile Device as a Service (DaaS) from Stratix allows your company to leverage a single, standardized and centralized support structure for your network infrastructure, applications and mobile technology. By entrusting your mobile managed service program to Stratix, you can guarantee technology refresh cycles to future-proof your investments. Available on a monthly, per-device fee structure, Mobile DaaS allows you to leverage an operating procurement model instead of a large capital expense.
  • Our mobile solution architects specialize in designing SmartMobile programs that maximize your ROI. Among the many benefits we deliver is mitigating needless and costly technology obsolescence through a careful evaluation of your business goals and operational challenges.

Customer Case Study

A global transportation provider with thousands of North American locations faced significant logistical challenges in meeting its employees' mobility needs. The daunting task of building, staging, kitting, configuring and shipping tablets and other equipment had overwhelmed a previous vendor. Stratix passed its first test — deploying 25,000 kits to the field — with flying colors. We've since provided lifecycle management, project management and mobile solution architect (MSA) consulting services, delivered "white glove" service for returns/replacements and more.

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