Accelerate Quick Service Restaurant / Franchise Mobile Transformation

Accelerate QSR/Franchise Mobile Transformation with Stratix

Solution Brief

Solution Overview

In the traditionally competitive quick service restaurant (QSR) industry, brands are racing to improve their customer experience, enhance their offerings and accommodate customers’ rapidly evolving preferences and behaviors. That means leveraging the full potential of mobile technology.

A successful mobile program, however, isn’t just about the technology. It’s also about ensuring employees operating at the point of service can effectively operate your mobile technology to help optimize the customer experience. With Day-2 support, Stratix can make that happen.

As North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist, Stratix focuses exclusively on mobility services and has over 2 million devices under management. Our services are backed by specialized teams to architect, deploy, manage and support your mobile program, guaranteeing nonstop mobility and a consistent brand experience for your customers and employees.

Customer Challenges

The complexity of mobile transformation calls for SmartMobile programs that can address unique challenges faced by QSRs, including:

  • Managing the brand experience: QSRs are implementing mobile apps, self-service apps and mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) to speed service delivery in the restaurant and at the drive-thru. Customer loyalty programs, meanwhile, allow QSRs to offer coupon redemption and other perks. Beyond investing in the technology, you must have a comprehensive Day-2 support program to ensure that your devices stay operational and secured — and employees have quality support when they need it, where they need it.
  • High employee turnover: For QSRs, having a high concentration of parttime staff that churns often places a priority on activities like training, compliance, reporting and asset management. Investing in a specialized mobile support program helps reduce your franchise owners’ risk of productivity loss and improves ROI.
  • Food safety and labeling: A food-safety crisis can threaten your customers’ health, do significant damage to your QSR’s brand and hurt sales on a short- and long-term basis. Meanwhile, relying on handlabeling is both inefficient and prone to employee error and customer misinterpretation, which could lead to food-safety and liability issues.
  • Rugged environments: The QSR environment has many extremes, from the cold of a kitchen refrigerator to stifling heat or rainstorms at the drivethru. Employees executing the transformation starts with digital tools designed for the end-user environment.
  • Franchise business model: Mobility programs are complex, integrating hardware, apps, peripherals, cases, connectivity and much more. QSRs need the flexibility of a mobility partner that can support these disparate elements at scale across the brand, offer a personalized approach in each restaurant and manage the entire program under a Mobile Device as a Service (DaaS) monthly payment model.
  • Outdated legacy systems: Many QSRs are looking to transition from outdated systems or manual/paper-based environments to a digital solution for inventory management, food safety and quality, employee and safety logs, etc. Only an experienced mobility expert can handle the multiple moving parts, vendors and touchpoints involved from pilot to rollout.

Managed Mobile Services for Zebra

  • As a Zebra PartnerConnect® member, we have access to the most competitive pricing and technical knowledge to procure rugged and ultra-rugged Android-based devices, barcode scanners and a full line of Xplore tablets for the frontlines of your business.
  • Stratix helps you deliver with best-in-class Day-2 support for your employees. Our Zebra-certified agents offer 24x7x365 remote and enterprise-level support to keep your employees satisfied and productive.
  • Stratix and Zebra can work with you to plan the deployment of your apps and ensure your organization’s unique requirements are met. From surveying your sites to designing innovative accessories for Zebra products, we help address any unique or environmental needs you may have.
  • Maintaining your brand reputation calls for real-time visibility into all your QSR locations. Stratix’s itrac360 portal provides a comprehensive view of all corporate mobile assets, from procurement, provisioning and activation through repair, support, expense management and decommissioning. It’s an easy way to monitor your mobile environment and maximize ROI.
  • Our Mobile Device Management team supports your environment the way you want to run it. Count on us to handle upgrades, updates and troubleshooting so that your devices are secure and have the latest corporate functionality — across your franchised organization.

Customer Case Study

The QSR industry is keenly aware of the need for digital transformation. A leader in the space recognized the value of mobile technology to increase order speed and accuracy at the drive-thru. By deploying the technology, the customer experience would be enhanced and the QSR’s brand would be differentiated. With nearly 2/3 of their revenue coming through the drive-thru, the return on investment is quickly realized.

With mobile technology deployments being new to the organization – their IT team was strapped to evaluate, select and deploy across the right technology for their use case, given the broad vendor options.

Stratix was able to assist in the evaluation and selection process – and become the customers trusted single point of contact to deploy their devices across their franchise and support them with SmartMobile services programs supporting devices and end users. Stratix has helped the company meet its digital strategy objectives and enhance employment satisfaction.

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