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New Research Reveals Most Impactful Technologies for 2020 to 2030

Survey led by Stratix and VDC Research shows how mobility can spark transformation and tech-led disruption

Peachtree Corners, Ga (September 1, 2019)Stratix Corporation, a leading provider of Managed Mobility Services (MMS) in the U.S., has partnered with VDC Research on their latest in-depth research surveying North America-based IT stakeholders about tech-led disruption and its impact on enterprise growth, mobile workforces and transformation.  Findings show businesses that classify themselves as Innovators name MMS solutions as their most actively used technology/service today.  Furthermore, decision makers that believe MMS will be the single most impactful tech over the next 10 years have the highest rates of tech adoption with Innovators and agile market leaders compared to evangelists of other potentially disruptive technologies.

The research breaks down adoption rates around next-gen technologies (AI, IoT, cybersecurity, mobile solutions for frontline workers and mobile cloud infrastructure), particularly giving a look at optimizing the solutions of the future.

In-depth interviews and survey results showed organizations across vertical markets stand to benefit from striving to match the strategic and operational characteristics of organizations that identify as Innovators.  These tech-forward businesses expect a larger mean revenue growth between 2018 and 2019, almost 11%, than any other tech adoption maturity segment.

The results further demonstrate the advantages of Innovators, businesses who are the first to invest in new technologies. Some of these key takeaways include:

  • Almost 36% of Innovators use partnerships to achieve disruption
  • Mobile logistic services were listed as a top tech partner evaluation criterion by 52.5% of innovators
  • 85.2% of innovators listed Managed Mobility Services as a top used tech solution

“Looking ahead, the research leads us to conclude that tech-disruption readiness has more to do with organizational mindsets than the specific technology itself”, said VDC Research Executive Vice President David Krebs. “From insights highlighted in this report – we have learned Innovators are best equipped to effectively lead with, and optimize, new technologies due to their extensive partnerships.  Innovators know what they are good at – their internal resources direct transformative strategies and they outsource the day-to-day management to experts.”

“The VDC findings confirm the trends we are seeing in the mobile industry – the relationship between successful digital transformation and leveraging managed mobility partnerships for “day-2” mobile support and logistics are achieving significant business outcomes,” said Stratix CEO Gina Gallo.  “Building strong partnerships with our customers and their technology eco-system ensures frictionless execution and faster realization of program investments; something we see every day through our many client deployments.”

Stratix will be sponsoring a webinar, with VDC Research, to further explore the results of this survey and answer any questions. The full survey results and findings can be found in the 2030 Enterprise Mobility Outlook (Benchmarking Deployment Strategies Against Businesses Most Prepared for Disruption) research report. To arrange an interview with a Stratix executive, please contact Matthew Kaiserman at or (678) 943-7408.

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