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Managed Mobile Services Providers Simplify Enterprise Mobile Complexities


Turnkey approach frees IT to focus on business-critical mission 

Mobility is a strategic asset for business transformation. Increasingly the complexity of mobile often puts mobile beyond the scope and abilities of most enterprises to design, deploy and manage. Neither IT departments nor the lines of business (LOB) within the enterprise are staffed with enough mobile experts to design and meet the 24x7x365 demands of today’s enterprise mobile users.  

As a result, many enterprises are turning to third parties to gain the expertise, scale and speed required for mobility to successfully transform today’s enterprise. 

Enterprise mobile assistance can come from any one of a number of sources. For example, business consulting firms, point solution providers and Managed Mobility Services (MMS) companies are the three most dominant partners enterprises consider. To better understand how best-in-class companies evaluate an enterprise mobile partner, let’s look at what each of these three types of partners can offer, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each resource.  

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