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Fact Sheet: IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Fact Sheet

Device End-of-Life Deserves Your Serious Attention

Organizations put significant energy into planning new mobility solutions, but what happens when it’s time to retire them? Proper disposal of mobile devices should get equal consideration. Old devices can be a security liability, there are environmental concerns, and you don’t want to leave any value left in them on the table.

There can be very negative consequences like unwanted headlines if a company is caught disposing of technology in a non-eco-friendly way or the financial and reputational impact of sensitive data getting into the wrong hands.

Many organizations don’t have the logistics resources and expertise to handle ITAD well. Working with multiple vendors can make it very difficult to manage as they often operate differently, and many cannot develop an overall program for their customers.

Reap the Rewards of a Great ITAD Strategy

With the rapid refresh rates for mobile device technologies, organizations need a trusted partner to handle ITAD complexities and properly wipe data from devices, then remarket, dispose, or refurbish them securely for the greatest ROI possible.

Stratix takes away the risks and aggravation. We can resell, recycle, refurbish for redeployment, or dispose of mobile device technologies for you. Our itrac360 platform provides 24x7x365 access for real-time visibility of your assets and their current status. With Stratix, you can rest assured we will protect the environment and protect sensitive data in our device logistics.


  • Ensure secure data destruction or storing
  • Gaining flexibility and scalability
  • Boosting ROI
  • Environmental standards adherence


  • We supply certificates ensuring the data was properly destroyed or stored securely for each device. We use the Department of Defense data process to wipe and destroy all data on a device
  • Our certified technicians handle over 25,000+ devices monthly in a secure and safe environment
  • Our industry and OEM relationships mean we can help our customers get fair market value for their old equipment, increasing their ROI
  • We leverage industry compliant e-Stewards and R2 standards to recycle mobile device technologies
Stratix Services
  • Receive devices and perform basic tasks including physical inspection, recording the serial number, deactivating wireless carrier services, unenrolling any MDM/EMM services, and removing OEM enrollment programs
  • We provide complete ITAD services using industry best practices and procedures
    • Mobile device recycling and disposal
    • Mobile device resell
    • Mobile device refurbishment
  • Perform mobile device data wipe and storage using industry best practices
Key Business Benefits
  • Single point of contact to manage, track and report ITAD services
  • Ability to track the real-time status of each device through the itrac360 single pane of glass (dashboard)
  • Flexible and scalable services regardless of device quantity
  • Leveraging industry best practices for device recycling, refurbishment, and
  • disposal—ensuring you never have to worry about environmental adherence
  • Consistent and proven programs thanks to Stratix’s mobile device expertise—regardless of OEM or OS

Why Stratix

As North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist, Stratix focuses exclusively on mobility services and has over three million devices deployed. Our ITAD experts remove all the complexities from device lifecycle management, so you know you’re being environmentally responsible and secure while recapturing any potential value in your old equipment.