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Ensuring a Speedy, Satisfying and Safe Guest Experience

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Technology Solutions for Fast Casual and Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR)

The food service industry is intensely competitive with fast-casual and quick-service restaurant (QSR) brands heightening their focus on satisfying guests ever-evolving tastes for delicious and healthy menu choices, faster service, digital purchasing and more. To keep pace, forward-thinking restaurants are embracing technology and turning to Zebra’s enterprise-grade solutions to accelerate service delivery, improve order accuracy, enhance operational efficiency and deliver a safe and appetizing guest experience each and every time.

Zebra and Stratix are known the world over for productivity-enhancing solutions for fast-casual and QSR operations. Our portfolio includes kitchen and back-of-the-house solutions ranging from inventory control and food safety to task management and staff communications. Customer facing solutions include mobile ordering and cashless payment, so you can empower workers on the front line.

Our services portfolio enables operators to more confidently address today’s new mobility challenges. We help enhance the customer experience by providing actionable information that leads to improved operational efficiencies in the dining area, the kitchen and back room and the drive-thru lane.

Mobile Solutions for Restaurant Operators

  • Digitized Loyalty. Loyalty programs are valuable in meeting customer preferences and delivering rewards for repeat business. Zebra’s loyalty card printing and scanning technology quickly connects with guests and inspires loyalty.
  • Food Safety. Because food safety is of paramount importance, Zebra offers a food-safety solution designed to significantly reduce or eliminate food-borne illness and provide for traceability.
  • Food Labeling. Restaurateurs must comply with a bevy of food labeling regulations. Zebra offers a line of printers that accurately document ingredients and nutritional information to help diners make more informed food choices and comply with regulations.
  • Drive-Thru and Line Busting. Understanding the importance of fast service, Zebra’s portfolio includes line busting, mobile payment, m-commerce and coupon redemption solutions that streamline drive-thru operations and shorten lines.
  • Inventory Management. Zebra’s mobile computers and scanners increase inventory visibility and reduce the costs of carrying too much stock which lessens the risk of running out of popular and featured items and specials.
  • Mobile Point of Sale. Zebra’s POS solutions ensure faster transactions and seamless in-house communications, reduced staffing requirements, compliance with PCI regulations