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Delighting Guests with Convenient, Personalized Experiences

Fact Sheet

Technology Solutions for Hospitality

To meet the higher expectations of today’s ever-connected consumers, the hospitality industry is focused on reshaping the service model and differentiating the guest experience. By tapping technology, hospitality managers can bring a new level of convenience and personalization to the guest experience at every touchpoint.

To provide guests with memorable and satisfying experiences—whether they are traveling on a cruise ship or staying at a resort, dining at a restaurant or visiting an entertainment venue—hospitality managers need to employ the latest technology solutions to keep up with changing consumer preferences and increasing demands.

Zebra and Stratix offers hospitality technology solutions designed to enhance the guest experience and increase staff efficiency. Zebra and Stratix’s solutions are designed to enable enhanced monitoring at every point of your operation and provide guests with the experience they expect.

Mobile Solutions for Hospitality Staff

  • Mobile Workforce Automation. Automate daily tasks for hotel engineering, housekeeping and service staff with durable, rugged devices that support voice, increase staff effectiveness and track response times to meet guest satisfaction requirements.
  • Point of Sale (POS) and Ordering. Mobile POS and ordering devices can increase your restaurant and entertainment sales, enhance server productivity and increase guest satisfaction.
  • Mobile Ship Management. Provide authorities and ship management with the mobile flexibility to conduct screening and clearance inspections of crew, passengers and visitors on land as well as at sea.
  • Food Safety. Zebra’s solution portfolio automates food safety procedures, reduces the spread of foodborne illness and ultimately keeps your guests safer.
  • Food and Beverage Labeling. Keep your customers safe with food-labeling solutions for restaurants, hotels and more. Our labels meet local regulations for direct and indirect food contact.
  • Staff Communication. Zebra’s mobile computers and tablets empower your workers to respond efficiently to guest needs and offer remarkable service at every point of contact.
  • Inventory and Asset Tracking. Increase operational productivity by tracking goods and services in real time. With Zebra’s inventory-tracking solutions, you can assure complete visibility across your operations, enabling increased productivity and revenue.
  • Loyalty and Access Card Printing. Providing a personalized experience that rewards guests helps build brand loyalty and increase repeat visits. Zebra’s on-demand access card printing, mobile payment and scanning technology enable you to deliver an outstanding guest experience every time.