Rapid advances in technology are shortening device refresh cycles and as assets age, your challenge becomes how to effectively dispose or redeploy them.  Planning for device end of life can help you avoid inflated transportation and storage costs, the risk of corporate data security losses, and can address environmental concerns in a cost-effective approach. This seemingly simple process can quickly become quite complex. Companies are asking:

  • How do I ensure my sensitive company data is wiped from the devices?
  • Have the devices been properly deactivated from data plans and unenrolled from the Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform?
  • Can I certify that I have met all environmental disposal requirements?
  • Is there a way to refurb and resell our assets to offset the cost of acquiring newer devices?
  • How do I select a provider that has end-to-end expertise?   

Stratix offers the flexibility you want, without the hassle and risks, to dispose of your mobile assets using one of these three options: Resale, Recycle, Return to Lease

WHY Stratix

Stratix seamlessly provides end-to-end coverage for all your mobile asset disposition needs from planning through execution and certification – from a single point of contact.   We’ll start with our mobile solution architects who’ll help you devise a plan to remove devices from your inventory.  We’ll bring the devices to Stratix and keep you informed throughout the process with your assigned project manager.   

  • Secure Stratix facility staffed by certified technicians that can verify secure data destruction, environmental compliance and provide certificates of destruction 
  • In-house refurbishing and resale expertise providing back to you 70% of the proceeds of resold assets
  • Single source and point of contact for the entire process from beginning to end
  • We are the most experienced mobile provider in the industry, and we’ve set the standard for best practices
  • Near real-time reporting across your enterprise, down to the device level, for your entire project

Outcomes We Deliver


Extend your return on investment through secure refurbishment and resell your devices


Reduce the cost and risks associated with asset disposition by destruction of your devices in accordance with NIST 800-88

Return to Lease

Avoid the administrative burden and potential penalties when you are ready to return your leased devices