Stratix helped craft a mobile blueprint to provide real-time visibility of store product

The Challenge 

This international home improvement retailer needed to transform the shopping experience for their brick-and-mortar customers. To do this, they needed a partner to help them leverage mobile technology solutions to streamline store operations, create better inventory visibility and improve the consistency and quality of the customer experience.

The Ask 

Craft a mobile program that would transform digital operations for both corporate/store personnel and customers. This would involve:

  • Outsourcing the development and management of a mobile lifecycle program for store associates in over 2000 stores
  • Provisioning 45,000 devices and deploying them to brick and mortar stores in under 90 days
  • Lifecycle management services for all of the devices
  • Find a way to know mobile assets’ performance status and location – on demand
  • Supporting 12 different OEM manufacturers under a consolidated mobile solution architect (MSA)

Deploying and managing mobile assets used by 60,000 store associates required a partner with deep mobile expertise in retail. Additionally, their distribution center workforce needed ruggedized devices to keep track of inventory in real time and automate ordering on the fly. To keep this business-critical mobile ecosystem up and running, support by mobile experts, personalized to the end user’s role and responsibility, would be required.  

The Solution  

The mobile logistics support solution from Stratix encompasses 210,000 consumer and ruggedized mobile devices from 12 different OEMs, inventory data from 38 product lines, and a trio of operating systems.     

  • Created customized mobile lifecycle management and device repair workflows for thousands of retail locations and 28 distribution centers
  • Manages consolidated vendor-specific repair operations
  • Maintains device status reporting platform
  • Oversees SLAs for all vendors
  • Crafted a mobile blueprint to drive mobile operations support from Day Two

The Result 

Stratix completed this 1,979-store deployment in 90 days. Today, Stratix provides training and lifecycle management for 130,000 devices currently in use at the international retailer.   

Stratix leveraged their deep knowledge of retail technology use cases, coupled with their ability to scale and execute quickly, to create a single point of contact for this retailer’s mobile transformation. The rapid deployment of these devices and customized lifecycle management and repair workflows finally provided the enterprise-wide view of mobile assets this retailer had been waiting for.    Additionally, Stratix was able to provide secure VPN infrastructure so their staging environment could be recognized as “Store Zero”, allowing final personalization of devices with secure data.