While enterprises may have traditionally favored Windows-based computers in the past, Apple® is capturing more and more of the business market with its persuasive argument for why Mac® is better. It can be a challenging sell in some organizations because IT teams are often reluctant to take on unfamiliar technology. However, Mac solutions are far easier to manage and less expensive, especially over the long run. Here are five reasons you should consider Mac for business.

1) Powerful and long-lasting 

Mac computers feature M-series chips with blazing-fast processing and incredible power efficiency. Heavy-duty tasks like working with graphics and video—or other resource-intensive applications—are a snap. And because M-series chips use less power, Apple can also boast a battery life of up to 18 hours between charges. That’s a big deal in today’s world of remote and hybrid work, where we’re always on the go or moving between conference rooms. Faster computers mean apps work better, and productivity isn’t interrupted. 

2) Better user experiences 

Mac-centric job seekers often prioritize having the option to choose their preferred device. Companies that want to attract the best and brightest have an advantage if they offer device choice. Studies show employees are more productive and creative when they can use the tools they like. Mac computers also seamlessly integrate with other Apple devices like the iPhone® and iPad®. Users can copy and paste across devices or do things like start an email in one place and finish on another device. Mac can even manage phone calls.  

3) Easier to manage 

Apple Business Manager empowers IT teams with zero-touch deployments where devices are configured and managed remotely. It’s easy to manage who gets access and set up apps and other software from one place. When IBM switched to Mac for its employees, it said it required far fewer support staff because only five percent of employees called for help desk support compared to 40 percent when they were using PCs. 

4) Built-in security 

Apple devices feature state-of-the-art security that helps protect employees and sensitive company information. Data is automatically encrypted, and antivirus software is built in to block and remove malware. Apple’s Gatekeeper checks applications for malicious code before they can be run and cause harm. Permission settings keep apps from accessing files or recording activity on the device. Apple’s Safari web browser features protection from malicious websites or attempts to steal passwords.  

5) Cheaper 

With fewer support tickets, less software needed, and higher residual value, Mac is less expensive for enterprises in the long run. A study by Forrester found a Mac can save $843 compared with a PC over three years. 

Put Apple to work for your enterprise 

Whether corporate or field employees, Mac is playing an increasingly pivotal role in productive workforces, and up-time is critical to driving revenue streams. If you need help crafting a technology program featuring Apple devices, please reach out to Stratix. Our solution architects are experts who can give you valuable insights to get you where you want to go.  

Mac Means Business

11 reasons why Mac is the right solution for your enterprise.

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