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Beyond ELD Compliance

Increasing Fleet Profitability through
Mobile-enabled Transformation

Drive fleet efficiency with fleet management technology incorporating Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solutions from Stratix and Samsung.

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Turn Disruption into Advantage

There’s never been a more challenging time for managers and operators of commercial fleets. Disruption is everywhere – from compliance with federal ELD mandates to high rates of driver churn to tight profit margins. This challenge presents a unique opportunity, however modernizing your fleet management systems with mobile technology allows you to turn these challenges into business enablers.


9 Ways the Connected Truck Improves Fleet Performance

Going Beyond ELD Compliance

Modernizing requires you to think bigger than simple mandate compliance. Mobile technology from Stratix and Samsung drives unprecedented value for ground transportation and fleet management companies. With a smarter mobile program and Samsung devices, you can increase driver retention, optimize fleets and delivery routes and reduce downtime – all while improving the overall customer experience. You’ll have access to best-in-class 24x7x365, by expertly-trained and certified staff to manage your ongoing mobile program.

Samsung and Stratix ELD Fleet Tracking Solution Features

Powerful, Ruggedized Mobile Devices

Installed in-cabin and seamlessly integrated with your telematics solution.

Robust Data and Device Security

Via state-of-the-art Samsung Knox defense-grade platform with industry-leading features. Stratix provides additional consulting and lifecycle management.

Mobile Device Management

Simple and intuitive Mobile Device Management (MDM) for even the most widely dispersed of fleets.

Affordable Price Points

Bundle comprehensive mobility programs for a single, convenient, monthly per-device fee for your fleet management operations.

Spare Pool Management

Ensure rapid deployment of replacements and hot swap device depots for drivers in need.

Complete Solutions

Device mounts, designs and accessories to suit a wide range of vehicle specifications and customer preferences.

Stay connected to your fleet and keep them on the road.

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