Mobile Asset Visibility
A single view across the entire mobile ecosystem

Real-Time Visibility and Control Into Mobile Ecosystem

Business critical intelligence delivered on every mobile asset

Businesses can’t manage what they can’t see. It is critical to monitor and analyze your mobile environment to maximize return on investment. Stratix’s itrac360 is a real-time mobile asset management portal that aggregates data from multiple sources to provide organizations with a cradle-to-grave view of every device, from procurement, provisioning and activation to repair, support, expense management and decommissioning.

itrac360 was designed from the ground up to be an extensible data warehouse that presents a single view across your entire mobile ecosystem.

Complete mobile visibility and assurance

Businesses need to ensure their mobile assets are performing at their peak and being used effectively and efficiently. itrac360 is the bridge that delivers full visibility and assurance to the always-on, always-available mobile enterprise.

itrac360 provides the real-time mobile data your organization will rely on to make informed, effective business decisions. Advanced analytics spot trends across device types and carrier plans, allowing you to fine-tune the mobile ecosystem to achieve faster return on investment.

  • Graphical dashboard to visualize key performance indicators
  • Visibility to asset location, status, profile and performance
  • ServiceNow integration, with capability to submit, track and obtain real-time RMA status and repair history
  • Tracking of help desk call volume, problem type, and ticket status
  • Web services to support data aggregation between disparate systems for analyzing, monitoring and trending SLA information

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Whether data is directly sourced from third parties or customer internal systems, itrac360 allows you to aggregate and analyze data across your mobile ecosystem within a single source.

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