Optimize Mobile Investments
Focused on Mobile’s total Cost of Ownership

Optimizing Mobile’s Expense Across Its Lifecycle

Monitor and manage the complex factors that constitute mobile spend

Accurately accounting for mobile’s usage and cost over time requires an activation-to-disposal approach. Stratix lifecycle management services maintains a full history on each mobile device throughout its use, and telecom expense management (TEM) tracks every use-related cost contributing to total cost of ownership.

TEM services provide ongoing analysis of your telecom expenses, which will change over time as usage patterns change, technologies and carriers evolve, and devices come into and pass out of service.

Make Stratix Your Control Center for Mobile Expenses

With ongoing analysis of your expenditures, usage trends and carrier contracts, Stratix delivers the insights
needed to optimize your spend and total cost of ownership. We continuously monitor your mobile expenses, audit carrier changes, perform accurate departmental cost allocations, and make recommendations for improving mobility costs.

We deliver the insights your organization needs to make informed spending decisions and to plan for the future, while assessing critical factors that affect the experience of your mobile users.

  • Full visibility provides a single “pane of glass” view across carriers
  • Audit and optimization ensures wireless vendor charges are correct for equipment purchases and rate plans
  • Implementation management automates rate plan changes with vendors
  • Savings verification reporting gives line-level savings confirmation, comparing baseline spend to optimized spend
  • Self-service procurement portal automates procurement with built-in workflow

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Telecom expense management provides ongoing analysis of your mobile expenses, which will change over time as usage patterns change, new technologies emerge, and carriers evolve their offerings.

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