Personalized Managed Mobile Services
Specialized Expertise for Faster Time-to-Value

Enterprise Managed Mobility Personalized for Every Industry

Transform your business and drive workforce optimization with purpose-built mobile services

Global businesses across all industries are turning to specialized managed mobile services for increased productivity, enhanced customer experiences, and faster time-to-value. Stratix delivers specialized managed mobile expertise and services personalized to your unique work environment, your customers, and your end-users.

Mobile: The Key to Efficiency and Fast-Track Innovation

Optimized Operations

In virtually every industry, globalization brings growth opportunity—but usually with increased operational complexity. Stratix simplifies mobile, giving you control to focus on driving business growth.

Empowered Workers

Employees on the front lines need mobile to communicate, collaborate and empower customers. Stratix enables “always on, always available” mobility at the point of activity.

Real-Time Visibility

Global businesses want to maximize return on mobile investments. Stratix provides real-time visibility and control into the use and performance of every mobile device.

Enterprise Managed Mobility – Industry Case Studies

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To grow, a global equipment manufacturer had to re-engineer mobile from the ground up The Challenge Taking an uncoordinated, opportunistic...
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Rapid mobile deployment improved the customer experience just in time for Black Friday – the official start of holiday shopping...
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High-touch onboarding wins the hearts of over 14,000 flight attendants We knew we didn’t have the manpower or capacity internally...
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Rolling out and supporting customer-facing solutions in the field required scalable mobile expertise Using mobile to conduct inspections reduces costs...
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