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Day-2 Support

Post-Deployment Support and Device Management

You’ve launched your mobile technology transformation plan. Now what? That investment needs to be protected with a dedicated managed mobility program. Once the devices are deployed, you need a 24x7x365 support center staffed with experts who understand your end-user environments and the applications they use. You want a rapid replace and repair spare pool management program to ensure your mission-critical work is uninterrupted. Choose a managed mobility partner who can support your program’s critical Day-2 needs.


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Day-2 Support

Stratix provides the most comprehensive post-deployment support available. Our on-shore Mobile Help Desk boasts industry-leading satisfaction scores, and it’s scalable for all your enterprise needs. Comprehensive lifecycle and reverse logistics services keep your devices up and running in your employees’ hands, transacting business and maximizing your mobile technology investments.

Day-2 Support Key Benefits

Mobile Help Desk

Our best-in-class, on-shore, 24x7x365 support improves productivity and reduces cost drivers like “No Fault Found” device returns.

Superior Satisfaction

Industry-leading NPS scores and faster call times ensure that your support needs are addressed quickly and completely.

Lifecycle Services

We provide comprehensive, manufacturer-agnostic repair and replacement services for all your mobile technology.


Get end-to-end visibility of repair history, ownership, and usage for all your devices in a single dashboard.

Reverse Logistics

Redeploy or resell refurbished mobile technology to maximize value on your mobility spend.

Standard Compliance

Secure device handling protects sensitive data in full PCI compliance.

Love your mobility longer.

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