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Mobile program onboarding can be complex and time-consuming, and it requires a synchronized strategy between your technology decision-makers, your business units and vendors. When it’s successful, onboarding ensures you have multi-vendor program management, deployment, implementation and the support you need to achieve your desired goals. From the start, your mobile enterprise strategy should establish clear communications, expected outcomes, and your goals for cross-functional team collaboration. Our teams work to leverage their expertise to create trust across your mobile ecosystem from onboarding to ongoing success.


Onboarding Enterprise Mobile Devices


The onboarding professionals at Stratix ensure that every program is clearly aligned with defined processes and business outcomes, so you receive the highest-quality program execution. From deployment to Day-2 support and beyond, we ensure our service programs deliver an unmatched end-user customer experience.

Onboarding Key Benefits

Structured Onboarding

We deliver a detailed, easy-to-understand accounting of support team members and all the necessary documentation.

Solution Workflows

A comprehensive, detailed workflow outlines all managed mobility deliverables and process requirements.

Change Request

Leverage an agile, coordinated response system to all mobility program alterations.

Operation Coordination

Ownership of tracking business unit approval and execution occurs throughout the program’s lifecycle.

Day-1 to Day-2 Transition

Ensures seamless handoffs between deployment and follow-on support teams.

Data Gathering

Programmatic reviews of “lessons learned” give valuable feedback on execution and improvement opportunities.

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