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Reverse Logistics

Making Your Devices Work Harder for You

We help you repair, redeploy or resell unused and End-of-Life (EOL) devices for maximum ROI. And we help you prepare for end-of-lease deadlines to get your devices back and working on-time to avoid any fees.

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Get the Most from Your Mobile Devices

Whether it’s an end of lease, damaged device, employee attrition or a technology refresh, your Corporate Liable devices still have value. Repairing and refurbishing your mobile devices can help you get the most out of your mobility investments, but it’s time consuming to manage. You also need to consider the sensitive data that might be stored on those devices and adhere to strict compliance standards. Engage a company with proven expertise in handling, testing and repairing mobile devices throughout their lifecycle.


SmartMobile Lifecycle Management Services

Reverse Logistics

Our Reverse Logistics team diagnose, repair and refurbish your used mobile devices to ’renew’ and get them back in inventory. Or, when it comes time to upgrade or End of Life (EOL) devices, we have the personnel and capability to help with data erasure and refurbishment to securely and efficiently return, dispose or resell the devices that are not in use.

Reverse Logistics Key Benefits

Secure and Scalable Repair Capacity

Our technicians handle 25,000 devices every month in a secure environment.

PCI Compliance

Refurbish, resell or retire devices in full accordance with industry standards.

Partnerships with Manufacturers

If your devices are serviceable and supported by OEMs, we will work directly with all major manufacturers to quickly repair and stage them to make them work like new again.

Lower Costs

Get the most value from all existing devices.

Full Device Renewal

We handle all refurbishment stages, from deep physical cleaning to device reconfiguration.

IT Asset Disposal

Retiring end-of-life devices safely, securely and in an environmentally friendly way, our vetted ITAD partners comply with DoD, R2 and eSteward standards.

Ready to recognize ROI from your reverse logistics program?

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