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Mobility Support Video

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Organizations find it difficult to find the deep expertise needed to execute and support mobile deployments that incorporate different devices, carriers and applications. Our Mobile Center of Operations offers dedicated 24x7x365 mobile expertise and support that can scale to meet your business needs. Staffed by highly-trained personnel, we efficiently resolve issues for a wide range of hardware, software and business use-cases. 

Video Script

Mobile support quickly becomes overwhelming and costs can skyrocket almost overnight. Lean IT staff rarely have the mobile knowledge and experience to support multiple operating platforms, applications and MDM in today’s enterprise mobile ecosystem. When mobile support requirements overrun IT resources needed for other business critical initiatives, enterprises turn to us. Our support staff understand now mobile works at your connected enterprise, right down to the individual user. 

“This is going to make my job much, much easier.  I’m not going to have to carry around the paper binder anymore.  I am going to be able to do just so many things with it.  I’m also going to be able to use it as a resource.” – Southwest Flight Attendant 

Our mobile operations center works the way your users do. Via 

  • Phone 
  • Email 
  • Chat 

And is available 24x7x365. 

Our support agents know mobile inside and out, devices, operating systems, carrier networks and applications. They also understand how mobile works in your organization by role and job. Your users need always-on, always-available mobile to get their jobs done. Even a little down-time is wasted time and money.  

When your mobile users need help, they don’t contact a massive call center. They call our Mobile Operations Center and reach a dedicated agent who knows exactly how they use their mobile device. On average, our agents answer within sixty seconds. Our high rate of first-call resolution keeps users up and running, increasing the productivity of your workforce and reducing unnecessary returns.  

Our Mobile Operation Center scales quickly when your needs expand. We can rapidly adjust and execute for large-scale onboarding and departures that come with seasonal operations.