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Stratix Aviation Mobile Technology Overview


From the flight deck to under the wing cabin services to maintenance, mobile devices keep planes in the sky and not grounded on the tarmac. With years of experience and mobile device deployments for many of the world’s largest carriers, Stratix is the industry leader for airline mobile managed services. Not only have we been doing it a long time, but we have been an intimate part of every one of our large-scale customers, including the above the wing for the pilots and the flight attendants and below the wing for tech OPS and baggage control.

We’re a part of their team. They make us a part of their team. We’re involved in their use cases. We understand not only the economics of why they purchase what they purchase, but the actual ROI that goes into it and the return-on-investment Stratix partners with all the leading enterprise mobility technology manufacturers. Our vendor agnostic philosophy means we work with you to get the technology that best fits your organization and its goals.

Apple is our biggest partner. The FAA approved the iPads for the electronic flight bag, and they approved the iPhones for the electronic flight bag. Now they call it for the flight attendants. So, they’ve been a huge partner of ours, but we’re not limited to that. For example, we work with Samsung, with Honeywell, with Zebra on below the wing for baggage where the devices need to be much more rugged, and we’ve been playing in that space for a long time.

And so, we provide all types of different OEM manufactured devices to the airline industry Stratix services are end to end. We design solutions and have the resources to kit, configure and deploy devices at any scale with industry leading quality control.

Our onshore help desk technicians are standing by 24/7 to solve issues. Pilots and flight attendants can call directly into our help desk to get live real time support, which is really critical to them. They can’t fly that plane today without the iPad, so if they forget it at home and they need to call us, they can call us. They can get a locker code, they can pop a locker, get a loaner device. All of those things become very, very important.

We’ve created many airline specific solutions like deployment portals where pilots and flight attendants can order devices and choose exactly where and when they want them delivered, which is important in an industry where employees travel constantly. Stratix makes mobile solutions convenient, easy and cost effective for airlines, we understand their vertical, we know their business. They don’t have to explain how their business works to us. But more than that, we really have come up with a lot of tools that help the airline industry do what they need to do best and solve a lot of their problems.