David Krebs, from VDC Research, explains what enterprises need to look at with considering security for enterprise mobile applications.

Video Script

Should I be concerned about security issues? When considering security for enterprise mobile applications, I think it’s important to look at it from a tiered approach. It’s important to address securing or encrypting the device, the application, as well as the data that is in transit. Data at rest, data in transit. I think taking that comprehensive and that layered approach to security is absolutely critical. But I think it’s also important to recognize and acknowledge there is no hundred percent secure solution. Or, if you did build it, either “A” it would cost so much or “B” it would so user unfriendly that no one would use the solution.  

When thinking about security as well, the important thing to remember is human nature. The number one vulnerability or cause of security vulnerability is the employee or the individual and how the individual acts. Writing down passwords on a post-it-note and slapping it on your monitor. There is a fair amount of training and education amongst users that is also important to ensure that they are operating in a secure way.