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How Stratix Works With Its Ecosystem of Partners


At this year’s NRF 2020 show, Gina Daniel-Lee, VP of Strategic Alliances & Partnerships at Stratix, was interviewed on how Stratix works with its partners to implement retail strategies for our customers.


Elliot: I’m Elliot Maras, the editor of, joining me today is Gina Daniel-Lee, Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships at Stratix. Gina, thank you for joining us.
Gina: Thank you for having me.

Elliot: Tell me, how does Stratix work with its partner ecosystem to implement its strategies?

Gina: Stratix has done a great job for over 35 years really looking at the industry and aligning with best-of-breed partners. We’ve had legacy relationships with Zebra and Honeywell for many years. Recently, as our customers started to change portfolio and wanting different technologies in their environment, we added Apple and Samsung to the portfolio. We continued to look at how we align with those core partners, create strategic solutions with them and then look at it through a lens of what are those adjacent technologies that we need to add to our portfolio that will allow us to extend our service offering, allow us a differentiated solution to offer to our customers. All really looking at it through a lens of how can that help drive our SmartMobile services into the enterprise.

Elliot: Can you give me some examples of mobile technology strategies that Stratix is implementing for its customers?

Gina: Sure. I especially love being in this environment where we’re focused on retail because Stratix has a perfect solution set for the retail environment. Not just the store, but the distribution center as well as technology that can help support their privately held fleets. So, from a store perspective, as you can see in our booth today, we’re really focused in a couple of areas. Clienteling is a really important use case in retail today where we’re working with the likes of Apple along with Mad Mobile from an application perspective and we’re working with Jamf to secure and containerize and protect that data into a retail environment. Clienteling is becoming one of those services that really helps retailers differentiate and create a new customer experience. We’re also working closely with partners for buy online pick up in store type applications where we’re working with Honeywell to do a click and collect type application in a grocery store. Where we’re working with kiosk solutions where we may be working with a grocer so that you can go to the deli and order your product, go and shop and then come back and pick up your product. We’re also working with the likes of Apple and Samsung in conjunction with ecosystem partners like Verifone and Ingenico to create mobile point of sale line busting applications. All again, really focused on helping them create a differentiated customer experience, pull customers into their environment, into the actual brick and mortar and allow them to go off and do the things that they do well while they leverage our SmartMobile services to help support them from the deployment all the way through Day-2 support.

Elliot: Gina, thank you for the insight. Much appreciated and thank you all for joining us the NRF show in New York City.