With the mobile point of sale becoming the norm in a lot of environments, it really has shown its benefits over fixed point of sale and in terms of the customer engagement. Now that seems like an obvious one where if you’re able to take advantage of the customer’s impulse where they are you could actually increase revenue.

Now another area where mobile point of sale has really shown itself as superior to fixed point of sale is the ease of service. It is easier quite often to have a company such as Stratix service those mobile POS devices than to have a company that specializes in coming on site to service a fixed POS. With Stratix, we help maintain your customer experience by making sure your associates are taking care of the customers instead of their technology problems. 

Whether it is our mobile operations center working directly with the end user and getting them back to work as quickly as possible or it is our advanced exchange LCM services, we are designed to help your associate get back to work and get back to the customer as quickly as possible.