Effective Mobile Solution Planning - Stratix

Effective Mobile Solution Planning


Here at Stratix? We like to take the time and the first few projects we do with the customer to actually plan it out thoroughly and come up with what we call a mobility blueprint. The reasons we do this are two main reasons that we like to emphasize with every customer. First is that a program doesn’t stop with deployment. We want to make sure that these programs are successful throughout their life cycle. Meaning not only do they get into the end users hands, but they are supported and they are accepted all the way through the life cycle. Second reason that we emphasize with our customers is that by doing it right the first time, and by establishing that blueprint, every subsequent mobility program that they have with us gets faster and more effective, more efficient and better adopted these reasons put together. Most of our customers understand that, yes, we may have a deadline right now, but it is important to do the planning. So that that deadline is not just the end of what we’re talking about. It is the beginning for the rest of it.