If your organization is considering a Windows mobile migration, you need to find a partner that has the experience of working with both legacy platforms and modern platforms like Android or iOS. David Krebs, from VDC Research explains what to look for in mobile migration partner in more detail.

Video Script

Who is the best type of partners to help with migration? When looking for partners to support you with migration and migration from legacy to modern platforms, it’s important to work with organizations that have experience with both sides of the equation. They have experience historically or previously working with these legacy platforms and knowing the types of requirements to support these platforms and then also understanding the requirements for these more modern Operating Systems, be it Android or iOS.  I think that’s extremely important. I think its beneficial also if you’re a retail organization to work with a partner that has retail specific experience, so they know from a standpoint of what we are trying to accomplish.  How are using and how are we leveraging mobile solutions within our organization? What type of workflows are we looking to mobilize? Then, what I think is also extremely important is for the partner, that you are looking for, is to really understand some of the lifecycle services that enterprise organizations require and how are we best managing those. Looking at application lifecycle management or looking at device lifecycle management and putting constructs in place, either service-based constructs or otherwise that provide a stable and predictable way of not only transitioning but also managing that transition.