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How Secure are Your Mobile Devices


Can hackers break into your mobile devices? There’s no such thing as a full proof solution. You need to make sure you have security policies that stay ahead of the potential for risk. 

Video Script

Can hackers break into my mobile devices? There are a number of variables to consider, there is no one device that will solve everyone’s problems. Certainly, there is a role for ruggedized devices and there’s a role for consumer devices or consumer like devices. It’s important to consider a lot of the environmental and use case criteria before selecting a device for your organization.  

When we do research amongst organizations, amongst decision makers within organizations that are making investments in mobile solutions for their businesses, and we’ve done this research for the last ten plus years and we look not only at adoption criteria but also adoption barriers. Security is if not the top amongst the top two or three concerns with good reason as we are seeing today in being able to hack into networks. There’s no such thing as an impenetrable network these days unfortunately. So, it becomes a balancing act. Security is absolutely paramount. I think it’s important to think about security from a number of different layers or levels: 

  • Securing and encrypting the device  
  • Securing the application 
  • And securing the data in transit or a little more to do with the network 

I think it’s important to have that comprehensive approach to security. There’s no such thing as a full proof or absolutely hundred percent robust solution. It can always be hacked if the hacker deems it worthwhile to hack it. It’s just a matter of how do I make sure that I am secure enough and have security policies that stays ahead or stays one step ahead of the potential for risk.