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Zebra Purpose-Build Devices Optimize Healthcare Workflows

Solution Brief

Go beyond consumer-grade and reap the benefits

Unlike consumer devices, Zebra’s rugged devices are specifically engineered for high performance in medical settings. At first glance, consumer-grade devices may seem more cost-effective or user-friendly, but they don’t address healthcare requirements well. From the inability to properly disinfect to the lack of healthcare-specific features, safety concerns and hidden costs must be considered.

HC-50, TC52ax-HC, ET4x-HC Healthcare Mobile Computers Meet the Demands of Healthcare

Zebra devices come with built-in features that address medical needs that other equipment can only address with applications. Zebra engineers focus on the form and function in their designs right down to the color. Blue provides a calming aesthetic. You get the enterprise healthcare features you need at the right price.

  • Ruggedly built so you can drop it and keep working
  • Advanced medical grade plastics enable constant disinfecting  
  • Built-in scanner for rapid data capture with point and shoot simplicity
  • High-resolution camera for documenting wound care
  • Emergency button so caregivers can alert the right person in seconds
  • Wi-Fi 6 and 5G for the fastest wireless connections
  • Secure text messaging for sensitive communications in public areas

Healthcare Transformation with Zebra and Stratix

All of Zebra’s solutions supported by Stratix—from mobile devices to printers—work together seamlessly. It creates an integrated system linking the bedside to the lab and the pharmacy—alleviating so many headaches:

  • Scanners and printers mean confident patient identification
  • Clinical smartphones make jobs easier with fewer time-consuming workarounds
  • Real-time tracking shows exactly where critical supplies and equipment are when needed
  • Collaboration tools do away with the need to page team members

It all streamlines and simplifies workflows so there’s less stress and more time to focus on what matters most: the patients.

Zebra is Even Better with Stratix Managed Mobility Services

In acute, clinical, or home health settings it’s hard on IT teams to procure, deploy, manage, and support mobile devices at the speed and level of care that organizations demand. With decades of experience, Stratix is an industry leader in managed mobile services for healthcare organizations and we take care of every detail, so you can focus on patient experiences.

  • Mobile solution consulting – We can help you design a healthcare technology program that’s precisely tailored to your unique needs.
  • Project management – We’re experts in managing all the details of large-scale mobile solution programs to keep them on time and on budget. Our certified program managers are experienced in complex healthcare rollouts.
  • Superior mobile deployment – Our U.S. advanced Mobile Integration Center kits and configures thousands of devices with a personalized out-of-the-box-ready experience, so equipment arrives ready-to-go. We offer onsite services coordinated with device configuration that reduces setup and adoption time.
  • SmartSIM connectivity – Automatically connect healthcare workers with the strongest carrier network in their area to keep them at maximum productivity. Save money with pooled data plans.
  • Endpoint management and security – Our automated unified endpoint management (UEM) tools power ongoing device management and endpoint security—including upgrades, updates, and troubleshooting. UEM helps keep devices running smoothly while taking the burden off IT staff.  
  • itrac360 – Our proprietary asset management portal gives you a comprehensive view of all mobile assets, from procurement, provisioning, and activation through repair, support, expense management, and decommissioning. It’s an easy way to monitor and analyze your mobile technology environment and maximize your investment.  
  • Industry-leading support – Highly-trained experts staff our on-shore 24/7 help desk that healthcare workers can reach out to anytime from anywhere. We also offer rapid repair turnaround and spare pool management to minimize downtime.
  • Authorized service – We offer multi-layered services for Zebra lifecycle management and device repairs by certified technicians.

With Stratix, you get a healthcare expert who understands the unique needs of the industry. We have access to the best pricing and technical knowledge. Stratix provides unparalleled service, and we have the industry-leading Net Promoter Score to prove it.