Rapidly Scale Your Mobile Technology Programs - Stratix

Rapidly Scale Your Mobile Technology Programs with Stratix

Solution Brief

Solution Overview

The rapid onset of the global Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically reshaped the focus and priorities for even technology-savvy transportation/logistics providers, retailers, restaurants, utilities companies, healthcare product providers and delivery/supply chain companies. From every conceivable direction, they face the immense pressures of:

  • Local, State and Federal-mandated closures
  • Sustained consumer shopping surges straining supply chains
  • Constrained budget resources to respond to unprecedented demand shifts
  • Scaling up IT support resources to sustain a widespread work-from-home employee model

This crisis greatly underscores the immediate need for scalable, agile and effective mobile technology programs to address the overwhelming needs of the current business environment. Now, more than ever, businesses across a wide range of industries need a mobile technology partner who can help stand up new capabilities, while supporting operational scale and augmentation as needed.

The experts at Stratix can help. As North America’s most experienced enterprise mobility specialist, we focus exclusively on enabling your employees with mobile devices that work out of the box and nonstop support for the employees who rely on those devices to serve your customers. Our trained Mobile Help Desk staff is standing by to augment your internal IT resources and empower rapid deployment, at scale, to give your employees what they need to respond to your most critical moments. Most importantly, we’ve proven why our customer-obsessed mission makes all the difference. Stratix has experience enabling industry-leading clients to quickly scale-up mobile device deployments and meet the need caused by major disruptions and natural disasters.

When your business is on the line, turn to managed mobility services you can count on.

Customer Challenges

The complexity of rapidly scaling your mobile technology resources to respond to unprecedented disruption calls for SmartMobile programs that can support:

  • Transportation/Logistics:  Due to lifted restrictions on Hours of Services (HoS), warehouses and distribution centers must hire and equip temp labor and drivers with logging devices, scanners, printers and more to ensure business continuity.
  • Delivery: “Shelter-in-place” has forced sudden expansion of Buy Online, Pick-up in Stores (BOPIS) and direct home delivery (e.g. Instacart, Uber Eats) models. That means additional runs, drivers, devices and infrastructure to track and support operations.
  • Utilities: The surging demand for field services visits coupled with essential procedures to protect front line employees and their tools from exposure is stressing already-taxed operators.
  • Healthcare Manufacturing: From pharmaceuticals to medical supply companies, all are under immense pressure to ramp up manufacturing, distribution, and all other resources to support healthcare providers with life-saving protective gear, medicines and more.
  • Healthcare Services: From testing laboratories to pop-up treatment locations, many are facing an unprecedented surge in patient traffic that requires quickly deploying and supporting mobile device infrastructure.
  • “Essential” Retail/Grocery/Pharmacies: Increases in foot traffic, on-line and delivery orders is squeezing them from all angles, while adding pressure to quickly re-stock, set up disinfection procedures and observe social distancing.
  • Restaurants: Suddenly shifting to strictly curbside/pickup/delivery transactions has cut into already-thin margins, a problem compounded by the ensuing need for devices and support that will allow their employees to take orders and payment wherever they can meet customers.

Managed Mobile Services for Rapid Mobile Technology Scaling

Stratix offers highly integrated mobile programs to support the fast procurement, deployment, and management of mobile devices to help you sustain critical business operations, as well as robust support resources to augment your current IT infrastructure.

  • Scale your store commerce models such as mPoS and BOPIS by getting the right mobile devices, apps and services into your employees’ hands and letting you continue to transact business safely and securely.
  • Quickly procure, provision and deploy devices to support extra manpower, added shifts, temp labor, ‘pop-up’ locations or expand existing programs to new locations.
  • Procurement of short-term lease and rental programs from leading OEMs that can augment staff on an as-needed basis.
  • Work-From-Home (WFH) program support covering everything from getting the devices, accessories and tools your teams need to be successful from home, to the help desk support for those now remote employees.
  • Advice and assistance to implement mobile programs for contact-less interactions and device disinfection..
  • Stratix’s Georgia-based Mobile Help Desk team is standing by 24x7x365 to augment your internal IT resources with tasks like direct Android/iOS support, device pairing, operating issues and support for all major carriers (e.g. Verizon, AT&T).

With Stratix, you’ll gain the capability to rapidly scale your operations by quickly enabling business-critical tools, processes and industry-leading support in a comprehensive program that ensures that your business can withstand major disruptions and continue to operate successfully. Businesses that rely on mobile, rely on Stratix.