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Mobile for Home Health, Hospice, and Palliative Care

Solution Brief

Focus on Your Patients and Employees, Not Your Technology

When home health and hospice organizations go from paper documents to mobile devices for electronic health records, scheduling, and other needs, they often find it’s not a seamless or straightforward process. There are multiple vendors for devices and software to manage, and many lack the necessary IT expertise. Expanding or merging agencies face many of the same issues when they need to get the entire organization on the same platforms. Rollouts get delayed, there’s a lack of end-user support, and the tracking of legacy devices that must be upgraded or replaced is inadequate.

Together with our partners, Stratix can solve those problems with specialized end-to-end SmartMobile services that make it easy to manage devices and software for healthcare through a single point of contact.

We understand the challenges with implementing a successful mobile program to meet the unique needs of home healthcare:

  • Cost Control: Right size and manage the total solution to fit your requirements while reducing your TC
  • Speed & Scale: One single provider to manage device acquisition, provisioning, and distribution regardless of project size
  • Complete Lifecycle Services: Speedy repair or replacement with spare pool management to keep costly downtime to a minimum
  • Asset Management: A cradle-to-grave view of every device, from procurement, provisioning, and activation to repair, technical support, and decommissioning
  • Stratix brings the right solutions to meet these challenges head-on with our SmartMobile Programs:

  • Mobile Device as a Service (MDaaS) delivers predictable and manageable monthly spend for your mobility needs
  • We are experts at complex deployments, providing an out-of-the-box-ready mobile experience tailored to healthcare needs
  • We repair and service over 25,000 devices every month and provide next day replacements to support your mission-critical staff
  • itrac360 provides a single, configurable dashboard for your entire mobile ecosystem with a real-time view of every device.
  • We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to.

    • Quickly scalable high-value end-to-end device managed services paired with industry-leading Samsung technology and healthcare-specific applications
    • Deep strategic expertise to ensure that your mobile healthcare programs offer secure, easy-to-use experiences for all of your providers and patients
    • With Samsung Knox defense-grade mobile security, you get industry-leading features for complete HITECH compliance
    • Ability to support patient workflow/engagement at home and/or bedside
    • Our proprietary asset management portal gives you 360-degree visibility into your entire fleet of mobile assets, enabling better analytics and control of your total cost of ownership
    • Our extensive partner ecosystem gives you a single point of contact to satisfy your mobile technology requirements, including devices, accessories, apps, and services
    • Certified technicians available 24x7x365, are trained to quickly troubleshoot a wide range of device issues and provide unparalleled service, evidenced by our industry-leading Net Promoter Score
    • Great user experiences help agencies recruit and retain top employees
    • Streamlined deployment and upgrades of your apps to ensure employees can continue to offer superior patient experiences and quality of care

    Why Stratix

    As North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist, Stratix focuses exclusively on mobility services and has over two million devices under management. Our services are fine-tuned to optimize home health agencies’ operational, technological, and financial performance.

    Our certified expertise across all major OEMs and platforms allows us to deliver an unparalleled mobile experience for professionals, providers, and patients across your entire network. We’re committed to empowering your caregivers to improve patient care and reduce the burden on IT and the costs of implementing complex IT initiatives at scale.
    With Stratix, there’s no need to manage the details of a rollout like coordinating multiple third parties, staffing a help desk, supporting spare pools, or overseeing service and repair delivery. We handle everything on-shore in Atlanta, Georgia, 24x7x365 – providing real-time visibility to your mobile assets, ensuring Nonstop Mobility, and providing you the freedom to run, improve, and grow.