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Improve Restaurant Operations with Proactive Endpoint Management

Solution Brief

Restaurants have wholeheartedly embraced digital transformation with online ordering, self-service kiosks, and employees using mobile devices for everything from tableside service to taking drive-thru orders and curbside pickup. They have increased speed and efficiency, reduced the number of employees needed, improved customer experiences, and boosted profits.

But the rapid increase in digital devices is challenging the IT teams that keep them all running and secure. Effective endpoint management solutions should protect everything from customer information to sensitive company data, but they must also be fast and flexible—with positive user experiences that enhance, not hinder, operations.

Together, Stratix and VMware® tame the complexity of digital restaurant operations with proactive endpoint management that’s secure and frictionless. VMware makes it easy to scale deployments and enables multiple use cases, including back of house and front of house.

VMware Workspace ONE® Delivers an Engaging Employee Experience

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

Manage the full lifecycle of any endpoint—mobile (Android®, iOS®), desktop (Windows®, macOS®, Chrome OSTM), rugged, mobile printers, and even IoT—from one management console.

Flexible and Scalable

Easily separate stores by location, scale, and separate brands within the organization to put them in logical management groups.

Intelligence Across Your Digital Environment

Leverage powerful automation of everyday IT tasks, use intelligent insights to improve operations and optimize the employee experience, ease the strain on support teams, and enable proactive management and security.

Corporate Data Protection

Zero trust security to protect critical company data and defend against modern-day threats with conditional access and compliance policies. Workspace ONE UEM offers a comprehensive security approach encompassing user, endpoint, app, data, and network.

Stratix Simplifies Restaurant Endpoint Management

Our expert enterprise mobility management (EMM) consultants will help you build the best endpoint management solution for your environment and goals. We handle the day-to-day administration, upgrades, updates, and troubleshooting so your IT staff can focus on innovation and growth activities.

  • Solution Design – We work to fully understand your requirements and match you with the best EMM platform. We build the EMM environmental structure and layout with an eye on futureproofing and potential capacity expansion.
  • Professional Services – We offer health checks for your current EMM platform along with consolidation, migration, or new implementation services.
  • Onboarding/Deployment – We do EMM device enrollment, profile and configuration setup, application of security and compliance policies, app distribution, and IT and third-party systems integration.
  • Help Desk – Our technicians assist with escalation and issue resolution, device remote control, monitoring, analysis, and reporting.
  • Ongoing Administration – We handle the day-to-day management of your EMM environment, including change management, OS and app updates or rollouts, and API and automation integration.
  • Lifecycle Management – Our services include migration planning, version control, inventory management and asset tracking, and integration for efficient RMA/repair operations.

Why Stratix

As North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist, Stratix focuses exclusively on mobility services and has over three million devices deployed. Our services are fine-tuned to optimize organizations’ operational, technological, and financial performance. Our certified expertise across all major OEMs and platforms allows us to deliver an unparalleled mobile experience across your entire network.

Why VMware

VMware is a leading provider of multi-cloud services for all apps, enabling digital innovation with enterprise control. Since its founding in 1998, VMware employees and partners have been behind the tech innovations transforming entire industries. Today, VMware continues to cultivate a culture of innovation where curiosity meets execution. Its commitment to solving the hardest technology problems is why companies trust VMware. It’s also how they’ve earned the loyalty of more than 500,000 customers globally.