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Home and Virtual Health Mobile Technology Services

Solution Brief

Transforming the at Home Patient Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an increased need for advanced home and virtual healthcare programs that can help reduce risks for both healthcare providers and patients, as well as provide tools and devices to assist patients with preventative care (e.g. prescriptions, health monitoring).

This is why Stratix offers SmartMobile Services for Home and Virtual Healthcare. These programs offer a comprehensive combination of mobile technology expertise, best-in-class Samsung mobile devices, and industry-leading support that will give your team the tools they need to keep your patients safe and healthy during an unprecedented public health crisis and beyond.

We understand the challenges with implementing a successful mobile program to meet the unique needs of this new landscape:

  • Support for Staff and Caregivers: Ensuring ease of use and reducing disruptions for employees and caregivers.
  • Balancing upfront investment costs: Providing business continuity amid shifting conditions and constrained budgets.
  • Device management and control: Peace of mind in knowing where your devices are and how they’re being used, as well as, quick processing of replacements and repairs.
  • Data Security: Protecting digital transfer of sensitive health data outside of the clinical space.

Stratix and Samsung have come together to meet these challenges head-on with our SmartMobile Services for Home and Virtual Healthcare:

  • US-based 24x7x365 support from highly-trained Samsung-certified associates to bolster employee satisfaction and productivity.
  • Mobile Device as a Service (MDaaS) to offer a predictable and manageable monthly spend for your mobility needs.
  • Visibility dashboard using itrac360 and lifecycle management services for repair and next day replacement devices.
  • Defense-grade mobile security with Samsung Knox, combined with the hardware, accessories, applications, support and management for an out-of-the-box ready solution.

We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to.

  • High-value, end-to-end device managed services paired with the industry-leading Samsung technology
  • Flexible financing to shift costs from CapEx budgets, using Mobile Device as a Service (MDaaS) for a single consistent monthly price per device
  • Deep strategic expertise to ensure that your mobile programs are tailored to offer secure, easy-to-use experiences for all of your healthcare workers and their patients
  • An extensive partner ecosystem to satisfy your mobile technology requirements, including devices, accessories, apps and services through a single point of contact
  • With Samsung Knox defense-grade mobile security, you get industry-leading features and automated provisioning tools for secure mobile computing
  • Streamlined deployment and upgrades of your apps to ensure employees can continue to offer superior patient experiences and quality of care
  • Certified technicians trained to quickly troubleshoot a wide range of device issues and provide unparalleled service, evidenced by industry leading Net Promoter Score