ELD Mandate Support With Stratix Nonstop Mobility

Nonstop Mobility and ELD Mandate Support With Stratix

Solution Brief

Solution Overview

There’s never been a more trying time for managers and operators of commercial fleets. Challenges are everywhere, from high rates of driver churn to ever-tightening profit margins. And of course, the federal electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, which requires commercial trucks in long-haul service to electronically record driving times and hours-of-service data on a device connected to the vehicle’s engine.

The ELD mandate, in particular, presents a unique opportunity for logistics and transportation companies. By connecting the cab to the back office and to customers, fleets can improve communications, reduce data entry and add efficiency to key business processes. Is your organization positioned to realize these benefits, thus gaining a competitive edge?

That’s where Stratix can help. As North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist, we focus exclusively on mobility services and have over 2 million devices under management. Our services are backed by specialized teams to architect, deploy, manage and support your mobile program — and guarantee nonstop mobility.

Customer Challenges

The complexity of mobile transformation calls for SmartMobile programs that can address unique challenges faced by managers and operators of commercial fleets, including:

  • ELD compliance: Legacy equipment such as automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRDs) must be upgraded by Dec. 16, 2019, according to the ELD mandate. Logistics and transportation companies must modernize their fleet management systems to meet ELD standards or replace the devices with powerful, versatile mobile devices.
  • Responsive support: Supporting a large number of devices, apps and users dispersed throughout the country can be a lot for the typical IT support team to handle. In order to keep your drivers up and running, they need access to specialized, comprehensive, Day-2 support.
  • Rugged environments: Delivery success requires a high level of performance in the last mile. However, the associated rigors — drivers conducting inspections, communicating with a dispatcher and capturing delivery signatures — call for rugged mobile devices or enclosures that can withstand everyday commercial use.
  • Security: Drivers use mobile devices to perform a variety of tasks every day, such as emailing dispatchers, calling customers and checking navigation. Whether it’s on the highway or at a truck stop, a secure environment must be in place 24/7 to protect company and customer data. And yet, users must also have enough flexibility to access personal applications during off-hours.
  • Repair maintenance and efficiency: The performance and safety of their vehicles is always top of mind for fleet managers and operators. Getting real-time data from an ELD can help with planning for maintenance on a proactively managed schedule and reduce equipment failures that can delay a load, cause an expensive, unscheduled repair or put drivers at risk.
  • Multi-vendor environment: Today’s mobile programs feature devices from a number of different vendors. Managing these many relationships and ensuring all technologies work together seamlessly can be difficult and time-consuming.

Managed Mobile Services for Samsung

Stratix offers highly integrated and supported deployments of Samsung devices and services for the enterprise, from Samsung Knox defense-grade mobile security to Samsung’s diverse portfolio of smartphones, tablets and wearables.

  • Stratix’s Mobile Device Management team supports your environment the way you want to run it. We provide premium procurement, deployment and lifecycle management services, including upgrades to assure ELD compliance along with spare pool management, and Day-2 support of the entire Samsung ecosystem.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 allows drivers to perform a variety of essential last-mile tasks and delivers the ultimate in durability. Its military-grade design can stand up to drops, altitude changes, extreme temperatures, immersion, salt, fog, blowing dust and more. Stratix can install it in-cabin and seamlessly integrate it with your telematics solution.
  • All Samsung devices ship with built-in Samsung Knox security, which delivers state-of-the-art, multilayered protection. The platform ensures application and device security in an enterprise-ready system that defends against malicious attacks targeting the device, software and data moving between the device and the internet. The Galaxy Tab Active2, meanwhile, features fingerprint scanning and other biometric authentication options for greater security and facial recognition for a convenient, unlock-with-a-look experience.
  • With Stratix and Samsung, you’ll have access to the right fleet management technology you need to monitor diagnostics and performance on a continual basis. Aggregating vehicle data can help inform fleet overhaul and replacement planning by tracking maintenance costs and intervals during vehicles’ lifecycles.
  • As a vendor-neutral service provider, Stratix leverages a wide range of partnerships to guarantee your SmartMobile program is deployed, integrated and supported with the right technology for every aspect of your enterprise mobility. And we integrate it all to give your organization the convenience of a single point of contact.

Customer Case Study

A leading LTL carrier is enabling digital transformation for its fleet via adoption of Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 tablets for its drivers. The company saw an opportunity to migrate from thousands of legacy Windows-based rugged mobile devices to a modern ELD solution with full lifecycle management and enterprise-grade security. With the help of Stratix and Samsung, the carrier is using these Samsung devices to give its drivers real-time access to routes, truckload contents and other detailed information on a daily basis. Learn more about Stratix's fleet management technology incorporating Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solutions from Stratix and Samsung.

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