Expanding complexity marks each of the three milestone eras 

Enterprises frequently ask a pivotal question: How did mobile get so complex so fast? While there are several factors contributing to mobile’s “degree of difficulty,” a quick historical review holds some revealing insights. 

The Rapid Evolution of Enterprise Mobile traces mobile’s progress through three distinct time periods: 

  1. The Era of Specialized Mobility – the debut of commercial mobile via specialized deployments of rugged devices. 
  2. The Era of Enterprise-wide Growth – mobile begins to take shape as an enterprise-wide connectivity platform largely due to the proliferation of consumer devices that make their way into business settings. 
  3. The Era of Strategic Mobile – the technology emerges as tool for business transformation. 

While each of these three eras has its own challenges and opportunities, one characteristic permeates each time period – an increasing and expanding complexity. As complexity continues to grow, enterprises must resolve the new issues that crop up in the planning, deployment and management of enterprise mobility. 

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