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Retail’s Top 5 Challenges When Deploying Mobile


Research Study – Associates’ Use of Mobile is Improving the Customer Experience in Brick & Mortar 

Promises of Mobile in Retail 

Mobile technology in retail has been the source of a tremendous amount of buzz since coming on the scene a handful of years ago. Devices have ranged from off-the-shelf consumer tablets to purpose-built rugged devices to now hybrid devices that can be both fixed and mobile depending on the use case.  What has remained consistent over the years, however, is the use of mobile devices by managers, associates and as a POS device can have a dramatic impact on the success of the retailer and improving the shopping experiences for customers when implemented properly. 

What no one can deny in retail is that the rise of online retail is forcing retailers to rapidly improve the customer experience.  Consumers that once HAD to shop now must WANT to shop and transforming the customer experience in terms of depth of offerings and speed of service has become paramount to retail survival in many retail segments.  Consumers who once came to store for products are now coming for people and expertise. 

Read the report to learn more about the findings from the IHL Group Retail Study highlighting how mobile is driving revenue growth and the common challenges of deploying mobility.