A Stratix Guide of best practices to increase employee satisfaction and lower total cost of ownership

Traditionally, IT departments have been Windows-focused when deploying laptops and desktops with large portions of IT budgets dedicated to support, infrastructure, security, and hardware.

Modern-day IT departments, however, are increasingly embracing macOS® support and Mac® hardware. This is due to the popularity and familiarity of Apple products such as the iPod®, iPhone®, iPad®, and MacBook® with employees. Today’s workers have grown up on Apple technologies at home, and it’s natural for them to leverage the same technology in their work life. We call it the “Consumerization of IT”.

By embracing macOS and Mac hardware many organizations have achieved significant benefits including; cost savings, employee retention, employee satisfaction and productivity. This guide will outline the advantages of adopting Mac as Choice and some of the benefits to think about.