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6 Ways Mobile Devices Improve the Warehouse Management Process

The smart factory envisioned by Industry 4.0 hinges on a digital revolution, where Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and other data generated by embedded devices and other manufacturing processes, drive all operations. This data is constantly used by machines to run production on mostly autonomous cycles, alerting manufacturing personnel when needed. Enterprises that can leverage data in this way can improve manufacturing uptime and profitability and gain a competitive edge. Today’s lean manufacturing requires seamless task management from factory floor workers, plant managers and beyond. Android mobile solutions take away the painful chores associated with task management and deliver powerful processing capabilities on the go. Here are six ways that mobile devices can modernize task management in manufacturing enterprises.

The Smart Warehouse Runs on Digital Data

Paperless task management eliminates workflow inefficiencies in the smart warehouse.

  1. Access Accurate Inventory Data
    Scan deliveries to update inventory counts in real-time.
  2. Locate Inventory
    Scan labels and retrieve relevant geolocation parameters from GPS time stamps.
  3. Access Outstanding Pick Lists Onscreen
    Retrieve pick lists through rugged mobile devices, even while wearing gloves. View workflow for other tasks with latest updates.
  4. Track Workflows Without Paper
    Digitally sign off on assigned tasks to keep processes moving smoothly.
  5. Sign Off on Approvals
    Text warehouse managers to approve assigned tasks. Managers can use the S Pen on the Tab Active2 to digitally sign paperwork.
  6. Attend to Human Resource Functions
    Access HR software through mobile devices. Request time off and check off other administrative tasks.

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