Arming providers with HIPAA-compliant content while enhancing patient experience.


The large hospital group needed to provide its doctors, nurses, and employees with access to sensitive information via mobile devices. The significant hurdles the organization faced was to ensure HIPAA compliance while providing ease of use to help deliver on enhancing patient engagement and meaningful use at the same time.


The Ohio-based hospital has partnered with Stratix for ongoing mobile management services and for special projects for more than seven years. Stratix has helped evaluate EMM platforms for the healthcare provider and facilitated multiple migrations. The Stratix offering provides remote instance administration for all EMM instances across 3,000 devices. Stratix will also help deploy a new mission-critical application, which is designed to empower the end-user to make life-altering decisions in the palm of their hands. This new application deployment will expand the number of mobile devices for the hospitals to more than 20,000.


Through this strategic partnership, the hospital group has been able to achieve its vision for a breakthrough in mobility innovation while managing the security and compliance complexities inherent to healthcare. The real achievement is delivering an exceptional end-user experience in the face of these complexities.