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National Restaurant Group Lacked Scalability for Enterprise-wide Rollout of Complex Mobile Solution

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Case Study

7,000 devices across 1,500 locations called for Managed Mobile Services

The Challenge

After successfully piloting three mobile applications, a $4 billion national restaurant operation with multiple brands realized it needed help to expand its proven mobile solution to 1,500 locations. The complexity of this cross- platform solution involving 7,000 devices required deep mobile expertise and the ability to manage multiple mobile device and carrier partners.

The Ask

The enterprise scalability needs and “always on” reliability of mobile solutions core to the customer experience would tax the company’s internal resources and expertise. That’s why the company began looking for Managed Mobile Services from a provider with:

  • Experience in managing complex, cross-platform mobile solutions
  • Established relationships with preferred mobile suppliers
  • Proven ability to scale to match the company’s aggressive growth plans
  • An infrastructure built to support rapid replacement of non-functioning devices
  • Real-time visibility into mobile assets across multiple lines of business and locations

The Solution

Stratix provisioned and deployed more than 7,000 mobile devices, loaded with two internally-developed applications and a third-party inventory management system. In addition, Stratix enhanced and supported the mobile solution with:

  • Custom accessories created and manufactured by Stratix, which made the devices easy to use for wait staff dealing with the fast table turns commonplace in casual dining
  • Spare pool management, including rapid replacement for non-functioning devices
  • itrac360TM, an online portal supplying device location, status and performance data in real-time for the customer

The Result

Turning over responsibility for its enterprise mobile solution allowed the company to focus its attention on delivering an outstanding dining experience for its customers. Managed Mobile Solutions oversaw every aspect of the mobile’s operation, keeping devices up and running for associates working across the company’s 1,500 locations. In addition, the MMS approach allowed the company to:

  • See each mobile device’s status in real-time, adding to the reliability and dependability of the mobile solution
  • Increased table turns and wine sales
  • Decreased training time for new associates
  • Saved approximately 1% of food costs by automating inventory management